Ny Magee – Jadeculture.com. January 1, 2016

"Daniel Grinberg’s latest project Short Stories is a textured, eclectic collection of resonating storytelling that is lovingly crafted and laced with unexpected twists. Short Stories is poetic magic that allows the listener to explore a more expansive view of social life. Buenos Aires-born Grinberg has crafted 12 tracks of charming, witty and sonically diverse indie pop jams".


Craig T Lee – bluntiq.com. December 7, 2015

"Daniel Grinberg touches on some simplistic values for his project, ‘Short Stories.’ Grinberg truly humanizes the craft possessed, into someone who understands the vast majorities of issues and lifestyles around the world. It’s a hard project to escape, due to it’s escalating relation to one’s own life story".


Ryan Donnelly – Vents Magazine. December 4, 2015

"The beautifully crafted album Short Stories is one of those albums that instantly grabs your full attention and there is no denying the effort that was put in to create this interesting album".


Contactmusic.com – Interview. November 30, 2015

"The album is called 'Short Stories'. And it's not just good, it's more: it's good in a different way. Indie Pop music that's distinctive enough to stand out from the crowd, but commercial enough to have a shot at achieving popular acclaim". 


Joe Holt - musicboxpete.com. November 24, 2015

"Short Stories took me by surprise. Its skilled production and well-played instruments, combined with the heartwarming messages in most of its songs, made me very happy to be reviewing new music.

Sometimes the best messages are the simplest ones, and this album reminded me to say thanks and to do good in the world. What more is music meant for?"


Randy Radic - contactmusic.com. November 24, 2015

"Short Stories is a scintillating representation of modern Indie-Pop. Grinberg deftly mixes charming vocals, guitars that emanate a 60s pop influence and power-pop melodies into a delightful, coherent, uniform sound that peeks around the corner of alternative rock".


Fromgirltogirl.com. November 21, 2015

"This album is a pop rock treat of thought-provoking stories, making all listeners fully aware of their existence. Grinberg uses sonic poetry to create a passionate and powerful album of stories people from all over the world can grasp, and perhaps transcend to a more spiritual level. Listening to the ‘Short Stories’ album really touch my inner spirit".


Anthony Avina, onrequestmag.com. November 20, 2015

"Daniel Grinberg has released a unique project called Short Stories, a collection of beautiful and poetic songs that speak to the heart. This twelve-track album produces a massive emotional connection that few artists are able to capture". 


Whitney Marquise, theleak.co. November 24, 2015

"Daniel Grinberg presents a very soulistic record with his new album Short Stories, which features a few other artist. This album sounds like a big book of poetry. Soft music and soft angelic vocals makes this the ultimate reach out and touch someone album".

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