About Music and God

July 17, 2017

As a good Jewish I will start my argument with a question: does it make sense there is no God? Look around. It is a mess. And still you breathe, you think, you love, you enjoy things, you follow some kind of routine. And like you there are about other 8 billion humans, and about 1.5 million kinds of animal and insects species on earth. There is no possible way to start calculating how many organisms live in this planet. Did you know that not only earth is moving in a tremendous high speed while you are watching TV, but the whole galaxy is traveling around all the time? And still, you, I, and all other creatures live their lives. We do not just live our lives, we have free will. We think and we make decisions. And each decision every single creature or organism in earth makes, influences the entire planet. Think about it. Not just a mad man like Hitler may change the course of history, also an ant walking on the wrong direction may cause a tremendous chain effect by meeting some other kind of ant and creating a new species of ants which eat some other kind of food and whatever. Let me please rephrase it: each creature in this planet affects the entire existence by each single action through its entire life. And still, it all comes together. This is God for me. God is the logic behind what seems to be insane, and which despite the impossible, makes life work.

So I ask again, does it make sense there is no God? In my interpretation God is existence itself. It is the fact beyond understanding. It is everything further than the capability to understand and therefore there is no need to understand. God, the way I see it, has nothing to do with religion. Because trying to understand God, trying to find evidence, creating rituals and rules, is exactly the opposite of my personal interpretation. Imaging God as a human ordering us to this or that, loving or hating us, punishing or rewarding us, does not fit my understanding of God. Life in its most comprehensive meaning, starting from any invisible organism, through whales and humans and up to the total existence of the universe, that is God for me. It means that there is a kind of harmony that makes sense to the nonsense. 

Now just for the argument let me suggest a crazy theory. Not even a theory but an idea. A kind of example. Let assume that we all live in two parallel dimensions. One is physical, the one you are experiencing right now, and the other is spiritual. No material, no mind, only a kind of state in which all live in harmony, and in which harmony, there is a perfect place for each. No thoughts, no feelings, just a perfect state of existence. One dimension is controversial and chaotic and the other is perfect harmony. And we live in both at the same time, but we are not aware of that.

Now, in order to make it more interesting, let say there is a bridge between dimensions. Let say music is a kind of reference, a reminder to the harmonic existence. Music is, by the way, an unexplained phenomena. Please don't take this seriously. This is just an idea I am raising to make my point.

Now let assume that in the parallel existence dimension there is a given place for each and every single creature living in this planet, and each one consist of a unique sound in time and space, and all together create a comprehensive harmony.

Now let also assume that both dimensions are supposed to unite sometime in the future and create a new kind of existence in this world, physical but in complete harmony.

OK so that is bullshit. I know. What I am saying is that, despite of science and a lot of efforts trying to understand how things work, there are still many open questions, which apparently have no answers. But still there is some kind of solution which makes it work. God is a concept with many interpretations. Most of them make no sense to me. But God as a concept, as a solution for unanswered questions - that I respect.

I believe in God. I believe in music.

I believe in Rock n' Roll!  


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